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  What we are looking for

We invite the submission of poetry, short prose, line art, black and white photography, and occasional book and new music reviews. There is no theme; we seek quality art and literature.

We recommend that you purchase a sample issue before submitting. Although general topics are welcome, we're less likely to select work regarding romance, sex, aging, religion, and children.

For artwork or photography, please submit photocopies or electronic versions (if electronic, 600 dpi preferred) only.

Prose must include a word count and should not exceed 2500 words; 1000-2000 is best for us. Submissions over 3000 words will be returned unread. Fiction or non-fiction in an experimental, avant-garde or surreal mode is often more interesting to us than a traditional story. Reviews of 500-1000 words are preferred; note that we publish very few reviews — most of them are written in house.

Please do not submit more often than once every six months unless you have had work accepted previously to our publication, in which case you are not subject to a limit.

If we have declined your submissions more than ten times, may we kindly suggest your time will be better spent submitting your work elsewhere? We frequently decline submissions not because the work is bad, but because it doesn't fit our editorial style. Multiple declines suggest your style is simply not our style. We reserve the right to return your submissions unread after ten declines.

Submission instructions and format

General instructions

  • An S.A.S.E. should be enclosed with all paper-mailed submissions. (If it is not enclosed, please provide an e-mail address and note the MS is disposable.)
  • No bio or cover letter is required (we have no bio section)
  • Simultaneous submissions are fine (please warn us!)
  • Previously published fine — let us know original published location
  • Name and address on front page of prose
  • Provide word count — ideally under 2500 words
  • No staples please
  • US Letter or A4 paper preferred but not required
  • We prefer you submit only one story every six months unless we ask
  • Name and addresson each page of poetry
  • No line or word count — we don't pay by the word
  • US Letter or A4 paper preferred but not required
  • We prefer 4-6 poems per submission
  • We can only print black and white or greyscale artwork or photography
  • Sending links to online works is acceptable, but we will no longer review entire web sites — send links to specific pieces you think would suit
  • Sending a lower-res submission is acceptable, but we will require 600dpi for any final accepted work
Where to send

Submissions may be made to (plain text, Word, RTF, or Pages) or to:
Valerie Polichar, Editor
P.O. Box 420816
San Diego, CA 92142
For security reasons, we cannot accept submissions that are made via links/downloads.

Response time

Response time is generally four to six months. Please query after six months, especially for e-mailed manuscripts -- occasionally our spam filters are overenthusiastic.


Payment is typically $5-$15 per piece for poetry, $10-$40/piece for prose, $15-25/piece for book/music reviews, $15-$40/piece for artwork and photos. We reserve the right to pay a higher rate for commissioned work. Payment is on acceptance. Contributors will also receive two complimentary copies of the journal. We pay via check on U.S. funds, Paypal or in U.S. stamps if preferred.

Rights and online publication

In general, we purchase first international print serial rights or one-time reprint rights. Selected pieces from the journal are occasionally — and by explicit permission — made available online at this site as samples.


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