Carry Grasslimb in your store

Grasslimb is designed to appeal to the cafe or restaurant patron, but may also be distributed in bookstores and other shops.

The Bare Foot Review, the editor's previous publication, was distributed primarily in Los Angeles and San Diego, California, where it sold out in every bookstore in which it was placed.

Grasslimb is a high quality journal which carries no advertising. Cover price is $3.00. Sample issues are available to qualified store owners -- just email with your reseller permit number.

Store owners may purchase lots of ten copies outright at a 45% discount off the cover price. Southern California merchants may opt to take Grasslimb on consignment (minimum ten copies) and earn a 40% commission on each copy sold.

Each retailer package of ten copies costs you $16.50.
Cover price totals $30.00, a $13.50 profit for you.

One ten-copy pack of the current issue

Please contact the editor at if you have any questions or wish to carry the journal on consignment.

P.O. Box 420816
San Diego, CA 92142